31 Aug 2013

Think think think

As I posted before I was thinking about doing WoW screenshot a day and that tomorrows word was Together. Now I´ve been thinking about what I should use as my motive. Well all I can say it was a bit harder than I thought, mostly because I don´t want to do a screenshot of "we are doing this together". But I think I got what I want to find as a motive. The question  now is... Where the fudge do I find that motive?! If any of my guild mates was online I would ask them to help me out, but at the moment I´m the only one online. Oh.. Perhaps I don´t need a guild mate for this... IF I can make it work.. Guys! Why aren´t you online so I can do some fun stuff? Oh well..
You will see tomorrow what i choosed and if it works.
So I´ll be working on my idea now then so I don´t need to worry tomorrow. 

I will try

I follow a few interesting people on twitter that share my interest in WoW and I´ve seen how many of them are taking screenshots for something they call WoW screenshot a day. Tomorrow is 1st of september and a new month of WoW screenshot a day starts and I´ve been thinking about trying it out. It doesn´t seem to be that hard, just take a screenshot of smoething that fits the days word or phrase. Tomorrows word is Together so time to think that one out. Hm.. Well we just have to see tomorrow if I found something out, since I´ll be posting the screenshots here as well as on twitter. 
Well it´s soon time for me to become the chef for the house for today. Hopefully it will go alright. The name of the dish is called Africana in swedish and is basically ground meat and a sauce on top with a lot of spices. Really tasty when done right. So I hope I don´t burn anything. 
I might write another post a little later when I´m playing WoW and tell you about how it goes for my priest healing in ToT LFR. 
Well untill next time I write I say Lok´tar Ogar! 

29 Aug 2013

Coins and bonus roll

Thanks to some help from people on twitter I came to understand why I couldn´t do bonus rolls in the first raids. The coins I needed I lacked. They were not given as they was before and now I have to try get them by the one-man scenario on Isle of Thunder. First I have to find the key that lets me run the one-man scenario. So to Isle of Thunder I go. Not what I had planned to do today, but if I want a chanse to get that staff an other things, it is what I need to do. But first see if I can buy a new trinket for VP to my Priest. I´ve got 3000 VP on her at the moment.. So of I go tho the factions that I have some good rep with. So far Shado-pan leads with trinkets with Int but I´m after ones with Spirit if I can find. Oh well... That I didn´t find.. Do will get one of the Int at the moment so my VP gets lower so I can do my quests and look for keys. I want to be able to do bonus rolls on Lei Shi so I can get the staff I want. 
Okay.. So I bought a trinket with Int from Shado-pan... Guess what.. I can do ToT now. I´m freaking out. Why? Since I somehow know I´ll die trying to heal there. But I want the gear so.. 
To ToT later today then.. But first the one-man scenario. I found a chest that I could open without any key and what did I find in there? You guessed right! A key for the one-man scenario! So now I´ve got 13 Elder Charms on my Priest. Onward to ToES and hope for my staff! 

27 Aug 2013

Druidweek day 2

So today it´s day two of Druidweek and my Druid will be doing BGs again. It´s fun to run around in prowl and jump on the enimes. As a level 11 it feels a bit wrong to be in a group in a BG when everybody else is level 14. I don´t feel smal at all... No way... Yeah I feel a bit small since they kill me... Alot... But it´s still fun and will perhaps be more fun when she´s a higher level. 
While I´m waiting to get into a BG I try and level up Ershins professions. She got Skinning and Leatherworking as her professions, mostly since I felt that was fitting for a druid. 
I hope that I can get her to lvl 13 by doing BGs. But I´m starting to wonder if doing BGs and wanting to level up works well together? I´m used to doing quests and dungeons to gain levels. So I´m in a way feeling that doing BGs isn´t giving me the exp I want. So I´ve got a question for you who are used to doing BGs... When you where a tiny, what ever class you´re playing BGs with, did you ONLY do BGs to level up or did you do quests as well? And how did you get new gear? The only PvP gear I´ve seen sold for Honor poinst are for higher levels. I gladly take any help I can get since the most of the ones in the guild I´m in don´t do BGs and PvP. 
Well she´s now lvl 12 thanks to me trying to level up her professions. 

26 Aug 2013


Today is the first day of the Druidweek and my really low leveld druid gets to level up. She´s a Troll Druid and her name is Ershin. Some of you might now where I´ve got that name from and some of you might not. As I said she´s low leveld as she´s only level 8. I started her mostly to make sure the name would be mine. I´m currently thinking about making her into a feral kitty as main spec and perhaps try out battlegrounds. She´ll have a PvE spec as well since I can´t stop doing dungeons and raids. 
I found out about the list of different weeks to play your alt of that class on twitter thanks to the people of the big WoW community that exist on Twitter. Last week was Deathknight and I sadly didn´t play that much on my Deathknight as I perharps would liked. My Priest has been in the center a bit now since she´s my second level 90 and I want to get good gear for her. But right now she has to wait as my Druid gets the time she deserves. 
So this week will contain posts about Ershins journy from level 8 to which level she ends up on Sunday. Pictures will be taken and ofcurse posted as I write about her journy. 
Why I chose Troll and not Tauren? Well. My Hunter and my first level 90 is a Troll and I fell in love with the race. 
And bada bing. Ding! She became level 10. Now time to choose feral spec twink her up (she´ll be my first character I´ve ever twinked) and try out some BG. Oh how will this go?
Oh well.. Just try and if I die I die right.. 
Till the next time i write