29 Sep 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 27 - 29

Day 27
The word for the day is WTF?!

Day 28
The phrase for the day is 10 o´clock
This is what I did today at 10 or err 22, but still 10 :)
Day 29
The word for the day is Gold 

26 Sep 2013

WoWscreenshotsaday Day 26

Todays word is Curve
After a while thinking about something in WoW that was curvy I came to think about the curvy road that goes thru Azshara and how "fun" it is to ride on.

24 Sep 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 24

Word for today is Space 
Yeah this was the first thing that came to my mind when I read that todays word was going to be space. And I really like the "sky" in Hellfire Peninsula where I took this screenshot. 

23 Sep 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 22-23

Day 22 
Phrase of the day was Made me smile

Day 23 
Phrase of the day was Something from my childhood 

21 Sep 2013

WoWscreenshotaday day 18-21

Day 18
Word was Vintage

Day 19 
Phrase was What is this?

Day 20 
Phrase was In the morning

Day 21
 Rule of thirds 
Always cut your meat up in thirds. Easier to handle and even the Undead do it. 

17 Sep 2013


So today is day two of Monkweek. I have tried out monk once but didn´t play efter getting him to Orgrimmar as he was a Pandaren. Since it´s Monkweek I decided to try it again. The first I´ll try with is a female Pandaren that I choose a nice name for. Tachibana. Yeah. I played Samurai Warriors and I came to like Ginchiyo Tachibana. So I felt that I couldn´t choose a better name... Well... Tachibana wasn´t a monk, but I don´t want a Pandaren Warrior. So this week I´ll try to play a monk. When Sunday come I promise you a post on if my monk will stay or if it will take awhile before I touch that class again. 
Tachibana and a Celestial Dragon
At the moment it feels like she´ll stay for a while. It might take me some time more than this week to get a real feeling for if I can play monk. But at the end of the week I´ll still tell you how I feel about the class so far. 
But I can already say that I love the Pandaren. They´re chubby and they look like pandas. What more do you want out of them?

WoWscreenshotaday Day 17

Todays phrase is right in front of me.
This is what is right in front of me as I write this post. 

16 Sep 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 16

Day 16 of WoWscreenshotaday and todays word is frame
Nice frame right?
I can´t help it, but I like the architecture that Pandaria has and especially the gates as they frame in you´r first look at someplace new 

14 Sep 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 14

The word for Day 14 is liquid
Potions are a liquid right? But I´m not sure if I want to drink those. I want to know first what it´s made of before I try it. Don´t want to end up a zombie or a frog.

13 Sep 2013

Ding! Xithraz level 40

And so as the day is soon ending Xithraz can happily say that she is now a level 40 Draenei Paladin. It was thanks to a friend from the Horde guild that got on one of her Alliance characters and dragged me thru Sholomance. And I became happy as I saw that I could finaly start wearing plate! 
Yeah this will be a short post if I don´t write more on it tomorrow as Xithraz will get more levels then.

WoWscreenshotaday Day 13

Todays word is Unexpected
Well.... That was unexpected... How often do you see a seal lying on its back i the middle of a forest? Well.... Perhaps I expect to much from Zen´Kiki.

Only Alliance day 2

Today I´ll do another only Alliance day. I try to level them up, but often forgets as I´m mostly logged in on my Horde server. But it´s time to give them some attention. 
Xithraz just dinged a level so she´s 26 at the moment and Meldy got a few levels last time and is now a lvl 13 Disc priest. So far Xithraz onlt experience in tanking dungeons was when a Horde guild friend made a new Alliance charater so she could train on healing as a Paladin. That was some time ago and at the moment I´m afraid that I´ll do something wrong when I tank. 
Errr... On second thought Xithraz is lvl 27. Yeah she just dinged. Again..
That´s her, Xithraz. She´s currently runing around in Northern Stranglethorn and doing quests. Hopefuly she will be nearly lvl 40 when the day is over. Getting tired of not having a faster mount. And then I´ll be getting tired of not having a flying mount.. I´m to used having them. Well now she´s halfway to level 28 so soon time to think about her second spec. Not sure if I´ll go with Ret or Holy. Know I can change later, but not sure what I want it to be at the moment. Oh well.. Don´t need to be thinking about it for about two more levels. I´ll update more later today on her progress and hopefuly she´ll be level 40 then. 

12 Sep 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 12

Todays word is Shadow 
Shadow spec
This is how my Priest looks in her shadow spec. 

11 Sep 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 10 & 11

Word for day 10 was Sweet
Is this not sweet? Two cuddly pandas eating food together. Don´t know if they´re still sitting where I took the screenshot now that 5.4 came.

Phrase for day 11 was What you did today
This is what i did today. Exploring the Timeless Isle and doing the quest I got. I find this Isle fun and some new gear dropped for me. Will perhaps be posting a post about my thought and progress on the Isle tomorrow when some time has gone.

9 Sep 2013

Mageweek - Meet Wecctra

So today Mageweek starts. Well... I don´t really know that much about mages. Had a Goblin mage once, but I died a lot with her so she wasn´t fun anymore. A few days ago I started a new mage not thinking that mage week was this close. And the race of this mage is.. Well you guessed right. Goblin. I just couldn´t keep myself from doing it. They look so cute and tiny... Wait... Thats Gnomes.. Not Goblins.. Oh well. My mage is at the moment really small (yeah I said it). She hasn´t left her starting area.. Or well... She´s on the second isle. This weeks goal is (if I have the time as 5.4 comes this week) she´ll be at least level 15. Didn´t do any dungeons with my first mage so this time I will. Not sure which spec she will have. Fire is sounding good, but I´ve heard that the best spec is Arcane. What do you think? 
Well time to introduce my mage. Her name is Wecctra as my Goblin Shaman was named (She doesn´t exist anymore or that name wouldn´t work on the server)..
 Ah. There I found it. She´s level 7 at the moment so 8 levels to go. So this week will be about her and her journey. Hopefully I´ll post a second post before bed about her and that She has come to Orgrimmar. Oh.. And which spec that will be her first. 

WoWscreenshotaday Day 9

Todays phrase is On the wall

They are on the wall!!
After some thinking of todays phrase trying to come up with what to use for my screenshot these spiders came to my mind. Mostly since they are trying to climb on the wall. 

8 Sep 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 7 and 8

The word for day 7 was white.
The first thing that popped into my mind when I thought of the word white was the snowy mountins in Kun-lai Summit. I often have to take Salvira there as I run out of Snow Lilys Lilys and I don´t have a problem with that as I love watching the mountins as a fly around. 

Todays phrase (day 8) is made by me.
This is the Achievement that has been made by me in the last few days. 

6 Sep 2013

20 days of WoW - Day 3

So it´s day three of this and todays question is: 
A class that you´re awful at playing

Well... That one is not that easy to answer. At one time it was Rouge since I didn´t understand the whole think about going into stelth and stabbing the bad guys. Then I felt that I was awful at playing a Death Knight. And well.. I still am.. Same with the rouge. And I think I can throw Warrior in there too. Yeah I´m not that good with the meele classes. But I´m trying. Mostly since I don´t want to rule out a class just because it didn´t work out the first time I played it. Now I got a Death Knight that´s running around in Hellfire and I´m trying to understand which spells/skills to throw at what time. And I can say with a hand on my heart that Death Knights aren´t that bad.. And that might be the next class I level up. But at the moment I feel that my playing of her is to awful to even try doing dungeons. 

WoWscreenshotaday Day 6

Todays phrase is getting read.

So this is what I thought of: Me getting read to by Lorewalker Cho. 

I wonder what he says. It sounds like mumbeling to me... Come on Lorewalker Cho, read the story of the Pandas for me! Please? 

Only Alliance day

Yeah. Today I´ll only play Alliance. It´s time for them to gain some levels. I´ve got three Alliance charaters at the moment. Xithraz the Draenei Paladin, Meldy the Gnome Priest and Alberia the Worgen Hunter. 

Today I´ll only play with them as they need to gain levels. Xithraz is level 25 and has Protection as her spec. Meldy is level 8 and not sure if she will be Disc or Shadow first. And Alberia is only level 5 and will be a Marksman when she can choose specs. If anyone reading this has a Alliance character in one of their levels poke me and perhaps we can do something fun. 
At the moment I´m going to level Meldy up to lvl 10 and then think about her spec. They can all be found at the Lightbringer server since that was the server a guild friend said was a nice one for Alliance. Well I of to give them some levels.

5 Sep 2013

20 days of WoW - Day 2

So day 2 of this and the question for today are: 

The biggest jerk you´ve dealt with (in game)?

Well I´ve met my share of jerks in WoW that you can be sure of. Mostly people that only care of how much damage you do, how you heal/tank/dps, blame you (healer) when it was tank or dps fault for wipe, and ect. It stings at first but a few seconds later you don´t care or at least try to. I can sadly say that one of the jerks I´ve met during my time in WoW was in our guild. He was one of those that thought that he knew everything about every class and knew how you should play it. He jumped on me about my hunter and told me that I shouldn´t play that spec because it wasn´t the best one of the hunter specs. Calmly told him that I played which spec I wanted since it was my character and not his right? I´ve gotten to know after from other guild members that I wasn´t the only he jumped on. I´m not ashamed to say that I was glad when I saw that he left the guild. The jerks that really makes me itch are the ones that think you should kick someone from the group only because he´s new to the position he has and is in game terms a noob. I really want to give them the boot. How can they learn if they get thrown out all the time for beeing a noob? 
Alright I´ll stop with my ranting and let you rest your eyes until tomorrow when more stuff comes :)

Hunterweek: Salviras pets

Well as I said in the post yesterday when I introduced my hunters to you, todays Hunterweek posy will be me showing Salviras pets. As you might see when you look on the photos that she has BM as one of her specs. I´ve tamed these all during my leveling of her and when I got tired of what I was supposed to do. Three of Salviras pets are Rare and where fun to tame. Well.. I was lucky when I started camping them. As Loke and Sköll took me four days together to get.



WoWscreenshotaday day 5

Today is day 5 of the WoWscreenshotaday competition and todays phrase was Here forever. For this I had a few good ideas to use, but when I thought about the object it perhaps didn´t really fit into here forever. But I came up with the Ruins Of Ahn´Qiraj.
Don´t if it´s been in Azeroth forever but it sure will be. And even though I don´t like all the scarabs and instects there Ahn´Qiraj is beautiful in it´s own mystical way

4 Sep 2013

20 days of WoW - Day 1

Yes it´s time for me to do this as well. I´ve seen this on a few other WoW blogs and got a bit intressed in it. And as well it´s a way for me to have post do write for 20 days. So here we go!

Day 1 - Introduction
Well.. I´m a girl that in a month dings 23. Yeah I said dings and not that I´ll become a year older. As some of you might already understood Salvira is an alias and not my real name. Who names their child Salvira? Anyhow... I´m from Sweden and yes I´m blonde with blue eyes. And noooooo. My name is not Olga or Helga.. That´s Germany... I´ve already given you a hint on my real name on WoWscreenshotaday day 2. Err.. I don´t really know what to write. I live with my parents, little brother, our dogs and cats. I´m a Hordie at heart and have been for... Err.. How long ago was it that Cataclysm came out? Memory is good... Just sometimes really short... My love for World of Warcraft actually comes from playing Warcraft when I was younger. Both Warcraft 2 and 3. Though when I played Warcraft 2 my big brother helped me out alot. When I was around ten me and a friend started playing Diablo 2 and that did it for me. I started loving Blizzards games.. Well except for Starcraft.. That never won me over. 
Well... I think that might be what you get today. If I saw right you´ll be getting more info about me in the comming 20 days. (I´m not good at writing about myself)

Hunterweek Introduction

Today it´s the third day of Hunterweek and it hit me. I haven´t introduced my hunters to you. Yes hunters. I have three hunters so far. 
My first hunter is also one of my first characters and she was my first to ding level 90. Her name is Salvira and is the one whose name I use as my name on Twitter and on here. 
Salvira and her pet Sötnos
Salvira is the only character that has survived from when I started playing WoW until now and I will never ever delete her. We have done to many things for me to delete her. She´s a Troll and that´s the race I like the most for Horde hunters. She´s a Marksman and a Beastmaster. I must confess that I first only choose BM to be able to tame Skoll and Louge. The pet she has that I´m most proud of having is Solix. Think I died about three time before I got it right. He easily oneshots you and can´t be tamed untill he has about 30% health left. 

WoWscreenshotaday day 3 and 4

I didn´t upload yesterdays wowscreenshot since I wasn´t home until around six and was to tired to even log on to WoW. So I´ll post both yesterdays screenshot and todays here. Hope that´s okay with you all.

So the word for day 3 was Lines

The first thing that came to my mind was the long lines in the Goblin starting area to the bank. So since I didn´t have any goblin in this area anymore and I didn´t think of taking a screenshot of it when I did, I started a new goblin just for this picture. 

And for today (day 4) was the word Alone.
For this picture I already had one, but felt that I wanted to see if i could take a better one. So I went to Mistfall Village and found my screenshot quite fast. 

2 Sep 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 2

So it´s day 2 of WoWscreenshotaday of september. And todays phrase was: My name starts with. During yesterday and today I´ve been thinking about if I should do my real name or perhaps Salvira. And until writing this post I still wasn´t sure. So I went to look for my screenshots to choose from. 
But I think I´ll go with my real name. Think I got better screenshots of that.
So here we go.
My name starts with E. Just as Elekk starts with E. 


Today Hunterweek starts. I have already leveled a hunter to level 90 so I felt that at least for this week I will level up a new hunter. And since I am Horde to the heart I started a Worgen hunter. Haha. Yeah.. But I felt that it was time for me to play Alliance a bit since I never really done that before. Her name is Alberia as a tribute to my first Worgen I did that also was my first warrior. She no longer excist mostly since she was on the server where I have my horde characters and after level 57 I never played with her. So my Worgen hunter became a tribute and hopefully she will be at the end of the week around atleast level 30. When she hits lvl 15 it is to the dungeons. At level 10 I might try out Battle grounds just to try it as a hunter. Who knows... I might like doing Battle grounds as a hunter. Or I perhaps will not. 
How she looks as a Human

But why Worgen you might ask. There are other races of Alliance that can be a hunter. Well... I choose a Worgen since I like how Gilneas looks, I like their accent and well.... They look really good when they become Worgens. Yeah I am a fan of werewolfs. Not the ones from Twilight.. Oh god no! No I more like werewolfs that are well... Mature (yeah I said it. Don´t think the ones on Twilight are mature). 
At the moment her companion the dog you get has not been given a proper name. So it is still dog. A name will be thought out later. 
Hunter is the class I first fell in love with and that was with the same hunter that is now level 90. My sweet Troll hunter Salvira that I posted a picture of in an previous post. If not found I will post one later as I will write more about my favorite class. A picture of Alberia when she becomes an Worgen will be posted as well since I think I made her cute. Oh.. I didn´t realise where I was. The picture of her Worgen form you will get so see in this post. 
And how she looks as a Worgen

Now I think this will be for the first post of Hunterweek. I have to fix todays screenshot for Wowscreenshotaday. So look out for that post

1 Sep 2013

Found a new love

Well yeah. I found a new love and it´s called Death Knights. Didn´t like them before when i first tried the out somewhere in the middle of Cataclysm. Yeah I haven´t been playing WoW for so long. I started about two months before Cataclysm came out, so I´m still a bit of a noob right? I tried out a few races and class at the start and fell in love with some. Sadly the only character I still have left from the beginning is my troll hunter that´s sharing the main spot with my belf priest. When I was able to try out a Death Knight I was so extatic since they sounded cool. Well... My first Death Knight came to Zangarmarsh before I grew tired of her and felt that Death Knight perhaps wasn´t for me. This is my second try at Death Knight and I don´t understand why I didn´t like them? Could it be because you did´t get the bond with the character since you didn´t get to level it from lvl 1? That´s what I think was my problem. You started of at level 55 and didn´t have the time to learn how to play your class as with those you start at level 1. But now it doesn´t feel that bad. Why? I´ve got a addon that helps me to understand what skills should be used. Some of you might think I´m beeing lazy now, but I would say I´m not. I still read what my skills do, still do reserch on what stats I need and if there is something I should be doing at some bosses. I don´t depend to a 100% on this addon, I only use it as help for when I don´t know what to cast on the bad guys.
Currently she is still in the gear from the starting point. Why? Well it seems that I don´t find something that´s better. Her name is Parcea and she´s a undead Death Knight. And at the moment I´m trying to level up her professions mining and jewelcrafting. So far she can only mine copper.. Yeah... But that will be changed today. Don´t know how far she´ll get today, but I´ll be happy no matter what she´ll be at the days end. 

WoWscreenshotaday Day 1

                                         So todays word was together
So yesterday I tried to think up something speciall for todays screenshot. It did not work out as I planned. Fudge... So I tried the same thought but in another way. Don´t really know if it came out as a good picture, but hey. It´s my first time doing this so I might not be as good as the others yet.

What I came up with after some pondering at the word together was... Together at last/Finaly together. So for this screenshot my now lvl 50 undead warlock had to go back home to Tirisfal Glades and meet an old friend. At first I thougth about taking a picture in another way and setting, but I couldn´t make it work. Oh well... Time to look up what tomorrows word is and look for a place, object, ect that fits that word.