25 Dec 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

Should have posted this yesterday as in Sweden we celebrate christmas on the 24th. 
Hope you all got gifts that you´re glad about. I got a gift card at my favorite bookstore that I will hopefully spend tomorrow. 
Oh and my first posts about my toons that you will follow will hopefully be up on friday. This christmas thing have taken to much time from me to be able to write the posts. I haven´t forgotten you and the posts. 
Well see you on friday if I don´t get the time tomorrow. 

14 Dec 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 6-14

Yikes! Sorry. I sadly have to say that I forgot that I had to do the WoWscreenshotaday screenshots. Sorry. Don´t hate me. I´ll get right on it.

Day 6
The word of the day is Silent

Day 7
The word of the day is Six
One panda, two pandas, three pandas... Six pandas! :D

Day 8 
The phrase of the day is I Shop Here
Yeah.. I shop here... Can´t help it but I like the Grummles

Day 9 
The phrase of the day is This Is The Weather Today

Day 10
The phrase of the day is R Is For....
R is for.... RAID!!! \o/

Day 11
The word of the day is Green
Yu´lon is green.. And big... And a bit scary.. Think I´ll go and hide now

Day 12
The phrase of the day is Joy Is...
Ahh.. The joy of mining without getting interrupted
Day 13
The word of the day is Composition

The word of the day is Drink
Drinks.. *hick* *raises glass* Drink up!

5 Dec 2013

WoWscreenshotaday December Day 1-5

Yes this month I´ll be trying to participate in this month’s WoWscreenshotaday challenge.  

Day 1
The word of the day is Red

Day 2
The phrase of the day is Where I Stood 

Day 3
The word of the day is Silver
WHAT?!!! They took all of my silver :(

Day 4
The word of the day is Tiny
Isn´t he tiny? And cute? And cuddly? 

Day 5
The phrase of the day is In The Cupboard
Okay... I want to know what that panda hides in that cupboard..

4 Dec 2013

I´m sorry

I´m so sorry that I haven´t written any posts for a month. A month ago I started at a new internship and at the same time got hit with a nasty cold. Both the internship and cold drained me of all my energy which left me with non to spare to sit behind the computer screen. When the cold got better I had the energy to sit and play some WoW but sadly not to write any posts.
Now I´m free of the cold and the internship ended today as I felt that I was not made to work in the care of the elderly. So until next Tuesday I don´t need to wake up at 5am to take bus to start a shift at 7am. The pain of living in a tiny village without driver’s license and my own car. Oh well…. On next Tuesday I´m going to have a meeting to see if there´s a possibility for me to get an internship at a library. So I´m excited for Tuesday and can´t wait until then. 
This month I´ll try my best to participate in @tycertanks screenshot a day competition and to write blog posts about for example dungeons, raids, classes and so on. And if you come up with something you want to see me write about that´s WoW related just poke me here on the blog or on twitter(@MissSalvira). 
So I´m off to do the first days of the WoWscreenshotaday challenge. Wish me luck ^^