10 Feb 2014

What the fudge Blizzard?!

I was actually going to write about something else for this post but as I tried to log into WoW to start to try fixing the Achievements for “Love Is In The Air”. Guess what? I try to log in… Just when WoW is going to show my toons disconnection hits. Great…. I try two more times with the same result before getting a bit irritated. So instead of sitting in a LFG to do the killing of the special boss with my level 90s, I´m sitting here pouting.
Actually… I´m getting a bit or well.. A lot irritated on that Blizzard still haven´t really fixed the problem that have been causing a lot of lagspikes, failed and slow logins. It makes you wonder why someone as big as Blizzard haven´t fixed the problem that´s been going on for at least three weeks now.

What keeps me playing WoW after three years?

What keeps me playing after three years? Well it can easily be summed up with two words: The community. Yes I´m not sure that I would still play WoW if I hadn´t found so many fun and interesting people in this game. I wouldn´t imagine three years ago that I would be healing in flex raids or tanking in funrun raids with good friends. And I could never imagine that I would play Alliance when I stared as my heart belonged to the Horde at the start and my loyalty have been strong until about a half year ago when my Draenei prot paladin Xithras was “born”. Now when she´s 90 and I´m starting to fully feel comfortable in the tanking role and I´m not looking back. I won´t stop playing Horde as that´s a part of who I am.